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Wildflower Guide - Acrobat 

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Butterfly and Dragonfly 8 x 11 Poster - Acrobat

Plant List - revised 2003 - Acrobat    Excel version

Birds of the Oregon Country Fair Property - Acrobat

Fern Ridge Bird List - Acrobat

Wings and Wine Festival Bird List - Acrobat


History of the Oregon Country Fair 2004

A Party with a Purpose Documentary 2007

OCF Rock Video Promo 2014

Joe Craven performs at Shady Grove

Ambient Nature at the Oregon Country Fair

The Forest Is Singing - Barsotti & Sparks

Hotter Than This Music Video by Lynx

Mondo the Spinning Lantern

Peggy Peterson Tie Dye & Fabrics 

Afghani Cuisine 

White Bird Clinic

Hula Hooping  2010

Cafe Lafayette

The Ritz Showers and Sauna

Marjorie Reynolds Artist 

Poetic Motion Machine Jugglers

Sam Bernardi:  Potter

Natural Family Botanicals

The Shook Twins play Garage Sale

The Poem Store

Energy Park

Earthcapades Jugglers

Friction Fire

Navajo Velvet

Interview with Chez Ray Sewell

Stacy Samuels sings Mother's Little Helper

Stacy Samuels - Interview and Songs

We Can Save the World - Poets of Flow

Alice DiMicele Sings Made Out of Water

Alice DiMicele Sings Wild Chinook Salmon

Mitch Deaderick: Potter

The Wild Edibles Booth

Patch Adams - What is Your Love Strategy

Deva Priyo & Gypsy Moon

Kevin Fulton Glass Sculptor

Peter Yarrow Sings Blowing In the Wind

Peter Yarrow Sings If I Had a Hammer

Strangely Jeremiah Vaudeville

Lynne Brown Pottery
Richard Blume Obsidian Wind Chimes
Cello Joe - Digital Addiction
Strangely - What We Say to Death
John Craigie Performs I Wrote Mr. Tambourine Man
Michael Hurley Sings Cup of Tea