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Nisbet & others

I have done extensive research on my father's side of the family, Nisbet, and my mother's side, Patterson. To document the Nisbet family I wrote, "A Nisbet Family from Pennsylvania with notes on the Porter, Stieren, Thropp, and Workizer Families". To see selected chapters from this work (without pictures) see the table below.

The Nisbet's originated in Scotland, and those of my lineage, came to America circa 1725. They settled in south, central Pennsylvania. They slowly moved west in Pennsylvania to Blairsville around 1830 and Pittsburgh by 1880. From there the family has dispersed to Ohio, California, Vermont, and elsewhere. Now no one from my immediate family of Nisbets lives in Pennsylvania. My great grandfather William Alexander Nisbet served with the Pennsylvania volunteers during the Civil War. For more information on the Nisbet family genealogy contact the The Nesbitt / Nisbet Society.


Nisbet Coat of Arms
Family Histories
A Nisbet Family from Pennsylvania
Robert A. Nisbet World War 2 Navy Letters
Porter and Gates history
Brackenridge and Stieren history
Workizer,Thropp & Pennypacker history

Patterson, Marsh, etc.

On my mother's side I wrote, "Marsh Family History with notes on the Patterson, Potter, Finch, and Fowler Families". Most of this history is in Pennsylvania and New York state. These families all have English origins. The Fowler's arrived in Massachusetts in 1637, and the Marsh's in 1654. The Potter's arrived in Connecticut in 1639. The Patterson's can be traced back to 1826 in Pennsylvania, and lived in central Pennsylvania in 1860.

Family Histories
Finch history
Fowler history
Marsh history
Patterson, Shank, Shoup & Brandon history
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