Favorite Places to Visit!

Zion National Park, Utah - late October - Mid November... hike & climb Angels Landing, one of the best hikes in the United States! You miss the crowds, and the fall leaves are still out!

Glacier National Park, Montana - Mid September to October 1... to avoid the crowds and enjoy the golden Aspen trees. Hike and enjoy the scenery and bears, moose, mountain goats, elk, etc.

Eagle Cap Wilderness - N.E. Oregon... from July 1 - October 1... many great hikes. Popular, but the hike to the top of Eagle Cap in the center of the wilderness is great. Trailheads from the south side are less popular, but just as great.

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon - best ideas for visiting, bicycle around the 33 miles rim road... its up and down, averaging 6000 feet above sea level, but you will never forget your accomplishment... Also, take the boat out to Wizard Island, get off, and hike around, take the next boat back! There is a free, or inexpensive campground 3 miles from the rim on the southeast side.

South Sister hike/climb, Oregon- not technical, but the top is over 10,000 feet. You are on top of Oregon's back bone up there! Climb in August / early September to avoid snow.

Mt. St. Helens, S.W. Washington - climb up from the south side... On a clear day the view from on top is awesome... Again, you can climb in August / early September to avoid snow.

Canyon Creek Meadows - 8 mile round trip hike to meadows below Three Fingered Jack, as well as very close to the mountain.  Mid to late July best for the flowers.

Mt. Hood Timberline trail - a classic... I haven't walked the whole thing, but from Cloud Cap to Timberline lodge clockwise, to Paradise Park, and separately to Cairn Basin / Eden Park.  Mid July to Mid August.

Rafting the Deschutes River, Oregon - go with an outfitter for a day trip out of Maupin...about $65. Safe for kids too. Call River Drifters, 503-224-9625, Beaverton, Oregon for a reservation!

Cougar or Terwilliger Hot Springs, Oregon - up the McKenzie river / hwy 126 from Eugene about 50 miles... a wonderful place to cleanz the body and soul.

Bonnie Butte Hawkwatch Site - This is a mountain top near Mt. Hood, Oregon.   Visit Sept. 1 - Oct. 31. Clear sunny days are the best, preceding a storm even better, 10:30am - 5:00pm.  Hawkwatch has several people identifying and counting each raptor migrating south for the winter.  Educators available on weekends. Portland phone: 503-972-3408.   Call for directions.  Be sure to bring binoculars!

Burgdorf Hot Springs, Idaho-located 30 miles North of McCall. Twelve rustic cabins for rent and a 50 by 75 foot hot springs pool with a sand bottom and log sides. During winter access is by cross country ski or snowmobile only. Call (208) 636-3036. For even more info on many hot springs check out soak.net.

Chaco Culture National Historical Park, New Mexico - about a three or four hour drive northwest of Albuquerque... The best prehistoric ruins in the United States. There is a campground present, and mountain biking is permitted on some of the trails. It's really fun to hike up, out of the main valley to the outlying ruins such as Penasco Blanco, the pictograph site, and the Pueblo Alto complex. Check out this Chaco.com web site or call the park at 505-786-7014 for more info.

Yellowstone National Park - Great for seeing wildlife, geysers, and a trip to Teton National Park too.  Have the kids do the Junior Ranger program.  Favorite times of year are June and September.

Favorite Festivals

Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour - the best films of this festival in Banff, Canada tour the U.S. and the world.  This show usually hits Oregon in late April.

Folklife Festival, Seattle Washington
- Memorial Day weekend (late May) A free folk arts festival with 15-20 stages happening at once... an amazing place with all kinds of music and dance including lots of "world" music. 

Oregon Country Fair, Eugene Oregon... second weekend in July... An amazing "hippy" fair, open 11am - 7pm. All kinds of alternative crafts, music, vaudeville, energy. A one of a kind event in the United States.

Portland Oregon Audubon Wild Arts Festival - great art show with writers signing books, etc.  Thanksgiving weekend in Portland, Oregon.